One of the pillars of Japanese cuisine and wellness; Japanese tea.

Our goal is to bring every part of that richness and flavor to people worldwide.

From Wazuka Town, renowned as the pinnacle of Japanese tea production and known as the "Teatopia", comes a rare organic tea that has taken our tea farmers, who have been in business for over 350 years, seven years to cultivate.
Regardless of ideology, we are dedicated to following a globally recognized production method that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Take a moment to relax.
This unique and original blend is crafted to provide a healthy flavor and taste that you'll want to experience every day.
With just one sip, you'll understand how good it tastes.
With a second sip, you'll yearn to keep enjoying it.

Truly delicious tea, for people the world over.

Tea and life, with IMA.


IMA only delivers extremely rare organic first flush Uji tea, and pays close attention to every detail from manufacturing method to packaging.
If you are new to Japanese tea, we recommend Sencha, which has the unique characteristics of Japanese tea.




IMA for your everyday life.

IMA recommends purchasing by subscription. To everyone who loves Japanese tea and cherishes a lifestyle with Japanese tea, we wish you a happy day in mind and body.

Rare organic first flush Japanese tea.

All of our tea is harvested in Wazuka Town in Kyoto Prefecture, one of Japan's top tea-producing regions, known as Teatopia. This premium organic Japanese tea is called Uji cha, which was crafted over a period of seven years. We are particular about the single origin of the Nakai family, tea farmers with over 350 years of history, and we use only the first flush of the year to make our tea. Each piece is carefully handcrafted. Made using a world-class manufacturing method, it can be enjoyed by people of all ideologies. Our tea is proud of its rich flavor and high nutritional value, offering a healthy taste that makes you want to keep drinking it every day. We deliver truly delicious Japanese premium organic tea to people around the world.

A lineup that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle.

At IMA, we offer a diverse lineup to cater to your unique lifestyle. We provide a wide range of tea options, including sencha, matcha, Japanese black tea, oolong tea, and roasted tea, ensuring there's something to suit every tea enthusiast's global tastes, mood, preferences, and lifestyle. We are committed to environmental considerations, right down to our packaging and boxes. For those looking to make tea a daily ritual, we recommend our eco-friendly and cost-effective subscription service. Consider our gift boxes as a thoughtful present for a loved one or as a personal indulgence. IMA seamlessly adapts to your life in any way you choose.

By continuing to drink good organic Japanese tea, you can keep your mind and body healthy. IMA for your everyday life.

By consistently savoring high-quality organic Japanese tea, you can promote the well-being of both your mind and body. IMA is here for your everyday life.
The more you continue to enjoy it, the more it benefits your overall health. As our organic first flush tea is exceptionally rare, production quantities are limited. We aspire to provide those who cherish Japanese tea and a lifestyle centered around it with the opportunity to relish a comfortable and healthful existence. That's why we strongly recommend opting for a subscription. With just one sip, you'll immediately appreciate its exquisite flavor. After the second sip, you'll find yourself yearning for the continued pleasure it brings. IMA is designed to enhance your daily life.

* Due to limited production, IMA will prioritize sales to those who purchase by subscription.

A gentle harmony of umami and bitterness.
We are committed to supporting you enjoy the best Japanese tea.

Made in Teatopia

Known as "Teatopia," Kyoto's Wazuka town is celebrated as the pinnacle of Japanese tea production areas. Here, you'll find the Nakai family, tea farmers who have dedicated over 350 years to cultivating Japanese tea. Their single-origin tea is distinguished by a unique, refreshing astringency, sweetness, and umami, a result of the ideal land and climate conditions for cultivation.

Organically Cultivated

Previous generations of the Nakai family embraced the pioneering challenge of cultivating Japanese tea using pesticide-free organic methods, a rarity on the global stage at the time. After nearly seven years of dedicated care, they achieved the creation of delicious organic Japanese tea. Pesticide-free organic cultivation accounts for only 3% of all Japanese tea production, rendering pesticide-free organic Uji tea from Kyoto exceptionally rare. Since tea is a daily beverage, we prioritize what is beneficial for our bodies and the environment.

First flush only

We meticulously select only the first flush of the year to extract the rich aroma, flavor, astringency, and high nutritional value of the tea. Relish the gentle and refreshing taste that entices you to make it a daily ritual.

Original Blend

We wholeheartedly devote ourselves to crafting a unique original blend that fully captures the authentic flavors and astringency of tea. It's a flavor and taste that anyone can readily appreciate, exclusively available at IMA.


Single origin. Organic. Inclusive production methods. First flush. Original blend. These attributes collectively aim to convey the true essence of Japanese tea, its health benefits, and cultural significance, making it accessible and cherished by people worldwide. It's through a continued commitment to quality and care that we can foster a healthy lifestyle that brings comfort, both in time and space. We recommend regular purchases to ensure you can enjoy IMA to the fullest. As it's made from rare tea leaves, this also ensures stable delivery to our loyal customers.

IMA's Instagram account provides information on how to enjoy tea in various ways, such as information about tea plantations, recommended ways to drink it, and how to enjoy a lifestyle with tea.

MAGAZINE The minds and lifestyles of people who enjoy tea in their own way.

Introducing the minds and lifestyles of people who enjoy tea in their own way.
We will also regularly send out recipes and tips to help you enjoy tea.

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Live for now,
live as yourself.

IMA is an open-minded brand.
If there is a hurdle for Japanese tea because it has a formal image, we would like to remove that and allow everyone to enjoy it easily. We will suggest basic ways to drink it, but we would like everyone to find their own delicious and fun way to drink it. And we would like you to share it with us. We would love to communicate with people all over the world, enjoy Japanese tea, learn from Japanese tea, and enrich each day's life together, rather than making a one-sided message.

Above all, please cherish the moment of drinking tea. In your busy daily life, we want you to take some time to focus on yourself, at least while enjoying a cup of tea.

We hope that IMA will give you an opportunity to appreciate this moment and the uniqueness that only you have.