About membership registration

  • Is membership registration required?

    You can purchase without registering as a member.

  • What are the benefits of registering as a member?

    You can check your order history and post product reviews. We also regularly send out special offers to our members.

  • About cancellation of membership registration

    After logging in, select "Cancel" on My Page and complete the procedure.

About order

  • About payment methods

    You can use credit card payments (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • About receipts and statements of delivery

    Receipts and delivery notes are not included in the package. If necessary, you can issue it from the order history page on My Page.

  • About order cancellation

    We do not accept cancellations after the order has been confirmed due to the customer's convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Regarding product returns and exchanges

    As tea is a food product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
    We will only accept returns if the product was delivered incorrectly, damaged, or defective. In that case, please contact us using the inquiry form and return the product to us by cash on delivery.

    [Return address]
    4 Harayama Higashide, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture

    1) Since tea is a food item, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
    However, if the delivered tea is damaged or stained, or if you receive a product different from the one you ordered, please return it by cash on delivery. We will exchange it with a better product.

    2) For tea wares, we will accept returns if they are "unopened and unused" and "within one week including the date of delivery." Please note that the customer will be responsible for the return shipping and refund fees.

    First of all, please contact us using the inquiry form .

About delivery

  • About the shipping company

    This is Japan Post.

  • About shipping cost

    Regular shipping is free of charge.
    For single item purchases, shipping is free if the purchase amount per destination is 8,800 yen or more including tax.
    If the amount is less than 8,800 yen, the domestic shipping fee is 750 yen (Yu-Pack) and 510 yen (ordinary mail).

  • About delivery days

    Usually, your order will be delivered 3 to 10 days after your order is completed. Depending on circumstances such as busy shipping times, it may take an additional 1 to 3 days.

About product

  • About types of tea

    Sencha: Sencha, the representative Japanese tea, is characterized by the refreshing aroma of green leaves. You can enjoy a well-balanced aftertaste of bitterness, astringency, sweetness, and umami. Since it is organic, you can enjoy the remaining tea leaves after drinking tea.

    Hojicha: Characterized by the fragrant aroma that comes from roasting. It has a gentle taste that permeates the body, with little bitterness or astringency. It has very little caffeine, so everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it, and you can drink plenty of it after meals or when you're thirsty.

    Japanese black tea: Japanese black tea, which is fully fermented green tea, is characterized by less bitterness, a gorgeous aroma, and a gentle sweet taste. You can enjoy the difference from Western black tea.

    Japanese oolong tea: Japanese oolong tea, which is a semi-fermented green tea, is characterized by a flower-like aroma called huangka and a refreshing taste.

    Matcha Premium: The highest quality tencha is ground in a stone mill. Matcha is a product that allows you to enjoy the blessings of nature to the fullest because you receive all the tea leaves. Please enjoy our premium products, which are of the highest quality in taste, aroma, and appearance.

    Matcha Everyday: Uses tencha, which has a distinct matcha taste even when added to lattes and smoothies. Enjoy matcha in a variety of ways every day.

  • How to restore

    It is important to store tea away from oxygen, high temperature and humidity, light, and other scents. After opening, we recommend keeping the bag tightly sealed, storing it at room temperature, and consuming it within one month. If storing in the refrigerator, we recommend placing the bag in a tightly sealed container or bag.

  • About caffeine

    All Japanese teas contain caffeine, but the proportion varies. Products that are heavily heated, such as roasted tea, Japanese black tea, and Japanese oolong tea, are relatively low in caffeine.

  • Regarding allergy-designated items

    IMA KYOTO products do not contain the following items that are allergens.
    Shrimp, crab, walnut, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, almond, abalone, squid, salmon roe, orange, cashew nut, kiwi fruit, beef, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soybean, chicken, banana, pork , matsutake, peach, yam, apple, gelatin

  • About the production area

    We only use tea from Wazuka-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, which is known as the highest peak of Japanese tea cultivation.

  • About organic certification

    We only use tea leaves that have passed the strict inspections of the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association, commonly known as JONA, Japan's first organic certification organization.

  • About tea bags

    We use a plant-based, environmentally recyclable, biodegradable filter called "Soilon." In addition, the tetra-shaped bag has a large space inside the bag, allowing the tea leaves to spread out better and bringing out the flavor of the tea.

  • About tea caddy

    By minimizing the size, paper usage is minimized. In addition, the design has no air holes in order to prevent air from entering as much as possible, so it may feel a little stiff when opening and closing, but this is not a problem with the specifications.

  • About the paper used for tea caddy, message cards, and pamphlets

    We use FSCⓇ forest certified paper.