One of the pillars of Japanese cuisine and wellness; Japanese tea.

Our goal is to bring every part of that richness and flavor to people worldwide.

From Wazuka Town, renowned as the pinnacle of Japanese tea production and known as the "Teatopia", comes a rare organic tea that has taken seven years to cultivate.
Regardless of ideology, we are dedicated to following a globally recognized production method that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Take a moment to relax.
This unique and original blend is crafted to provide a healthy flavor and taste that you'll want to experience every day.
With just one sip, you'll understand how good it tastes.
With a second sip, you'll yearn to keep enjoying it.

Truly delicious tea, for people the world over.

Tea and life, with IMA.


Elevate Japanese tea to a global wellness brand.

Japanese tea has long played a crucial role in Japanese food culture and people's health. Now, it has risen to prominence as a superfood, drawing particular attention from celebrities worldwide. As Japanese individuals, we are pleased that Japanese tea has gained recognition in various forms. However, we aspire to go even further and introduce people across the globe to the authentic taste of Japanese tea, how to savor it more deeply, the rich culture surrounding it, and the perspectives of its dedicated producers.
On the auspicious day of September 2023, "IMA" was born with a mission to disseminate the profound appeal of Japanese tea and organic cultivation to the world.


We believe you’re the most you when you're relaxed.

Japanese tea is something that naturally blends into your daily life and supports your healthy and relaxed lifestyle.
That's why IMA aims not only to produce high-quality Japanese tea, but also to make Japanese tea that anyone can easily and freely enjoy. We pursue healthy flavors that match a variety of meals and lifestyles, regardless of the occasion and ideology. We are also committed to being environmentally friendly.
If you have an impression that Japanese tea is too formal, we would like to dispel that.
We offer you the highest quality Japanese tea with a taste and style that you will want to continue using.


Why are we so particular about Japanese tea?

We are based in Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture, and proudly collaborate with the Nakai family. But why the Nakai family? The multitude of reasons are difficult to condense, but one of the most compelling factors is their status as premier tea farmers, with a legacy of over 350 years dedicated to Japanese tea cultivation, enabling them to produce the finest Japanese tea.

Moreover, we resonate with their pioneering spirit. They embarked on the path of pesticide-free organic tea cultivation when very few others worldwide dared to do so. After an arduous seven-year journey, they achieved the creation of high-quality organic Japanese tea. They also employ an all-encompassing production approach that can be savored by individuals of all backgrounds, and every step is meticulously handled through careful handwork.
We hold immense respect for their craftsmanship. Our utmost endeavor is to pass on their technology, spirit, and culture that facilitate the creation of the highest quality Japanese tea to future generations and to the global community. Alongside the Nakai family, we aim to stand at the forefront of Japanese tea, disseminating the flavor and culture of Japanese tea to the world.